Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm and Cozy in Your Alderwood Park Apartments

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Winter Weather And Apartment Living

Here are some tips on how to stay warm and cozy. Alderwood apartments have amazing amenities, including fireplaces. Listen to your crackling fire and sip that Hot Cocoa or tea in your spacious apartment while you explore your options

Tip # 1 Scary Movies -

I know, not what you were expecting. Nothing like getting the blood pumping and holding onto someone you love to pass a dark overcast wintery day. Pick a movie with jump scares aplenty or head over to the Regal Alderwood & RPX and experience your movie. Not a fan of crowds? Want the kids to watch too? Try one of these suggestions.

  • Monster House
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • Earnest Scared Stupid

Don't forget the blanket and popcorn!

Tip # 2 Exercise -

Exertion has a great effect in the winter. What would normally make you wilt in the heat of summer is a nice answer to warmth in the cold. Ever start out bundled up and have to take off a layer or two after a little work had you sweating? You could stick with the usual workout or you can try something different out. Like finally getting that couples yoga challenge in and make it fun. Hey, it's harder than it looks.

Tip # 3 – Kitchen Revelry

The great part about a kitchen is the warmth it can bring to both family and friends.

  • Bake a warm batch of cookies or something healthy like a vegan pizza.
  • Boil a pot of potpourri or essential oils. The smell is superb and it humidifies your apartment while creating warmth in the air.

So many ways to warm up and so little time!

Taking a hot shower or getting warm under an electric blanket are also great ways to feel the heat sooner rather than later. Thanks to our convenient location and luxurious style you can relax and stay warm when you choose Alderwood Apartments to live.

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