Spring Cleaning at Alderwood Park

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Spring is here – which means that it's time to get your home in tip-top form. A nice, deep spring clean-up is a tradition which not only encourages wellness by keeping your environment tidy and organized, but also makes it easier to keep the fresh-start feeling brought about by a new year well into the summer.

We've put together some of the very best DIY spring cleaning tips and tricks so you can wipe up and deep clean your apartment to make it shine all year round.

Mental Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning: Minimizing Familial Fighting

Does your partner criticize you for a chaotic living room? Do your children leave their rooms filthy all the time? It might be because you can't maintain things in an organized manner. With an appropriate cleaning process and practice, you may be able to reduce the amount of fights happening within your household, bring down the friction and organize things in a healthier way.

Green Cleaning Tip: Compost your disposables

Even though most of the junk you'll be chucking away throughout the spring clean won't be appropriate for recycling in a green way, it's still important to get rid of your 'green' waste such as old food and lifeless flowers in a responsible manner.

By combining your disposable materials in with the general waste, you're refusing to offer them the opportunity to decay naturally – and missing out on fantastic fertiliser for a vegetable garden or flower pots.

Composting does not need to be for people with a 5 acre gardens: all it requires is a small dark bag outside to put your food waste in.

Cleaning Supplies

Finding cleaning supplies is a relatively easy task. Just head down to your local convenience store or a nearby Walmart or Alderwood Mall to get all the equipment you need to effectively clean your apartment. You will just need a few cloths, a broom, a duster, cleaning detergents and a good mop.

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