Keeping Cool at Alderwood Park Apartments

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Summer has arrived, and while we love the longer days and extra hours of sunlight, trying to keep a home cool with an AC is a costly affair. We have come up with some top tips to save money and energy to get you through a heatwave while renting in Alderwood Park Apartments.

Enjoy Our Outdoor Amenities

Alderwood Park Apartments are surrounded by many wonderful local parks. The shade provided by the trees on these beautiful walkways or picnic spots will help you cool off in the summer heat. Just remember to bring your hat, sunscreen, and water.

Rental-Friendly Ways to Cool Down Your Home

The highest utility cost of running a home comes from heating and cooling systems. While it's tempting to blast the AC all summer long, there are some other tricks you can use that are easier on your pocket. Hang blackout curtains to block out heat and strong sun rays. Make use of a fan to create cool airflow in your home. Try avoiding using your oven as it generates lots of heat and is one of the more costly appliances to run. Rather cook with your microwave instead. Dryers also generate heat and a lot of power. Try to air-dry your clothes during the summer instead.

Local Attractions That Will Help You Keep Cool

Sip on some chilled white wine at one of the many wineries in Livermore. Take your pick of wineries from the Livermore wine trail. Wine cellars are always cool, the perfect place to escape the heat while enjoying the natural surroundings. If you prefer to move indoors, try the Vine Cinema and Alehouse for the latest blockbuster and some tasty food.

Enjoy your summer in Livermore by visiting the exciting attractions available to us in town, and keep your budget happy with these cost-savings tips to beat the heat at home. Stay cool!

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